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Unexpected Things To Do With A Cookie Cutter

Posted by Fouzia Rehman on

Obviously, your Cookie cutters get a lot of utilization during a vacation baking free for all, yet what you cannot deny is that the little shapes can accomplish such a great deal more than form delicious sugar cookies. Use holiday-themed cookie cutters to make accessories, change plain candles, make place settings, or design ingenious food.

While these thoughts are generally suitable for the Christmas season, different shapes, letters, or numbers can be utilized all year attempt a number as a cake decorating stencil to feature a major birthday or empty batter into a bunny cutter to make Easter pancakes.


Here's the how:


  • Cookie Cutter as a Candle stencil:
  • Utilize a cookie cutter to make a plain pillar flame somewhat more festive. Basically, place the cutter where you need the design to show up we used mini letters to make a monogram, however, any shape will do! and afterward, gently tap with a hammer. remove the cookie cutter.

  • Cookie Cutter as an Ornament:
  • Short on tree ornaments? Just string festive ribbon through infrequently suitable cookie cutters gingerbread men, stars, snowmen, and secure with a knot.

  • Cookie Cutter as cake Decoration Stencils:
  • Delicately press Cookie Cutters onto the outside of a frosted cake. Expert tip: Arrange the design however you would prefer prior to putting the cookie cutters on the cake. Fold a piece of paper into equal parts and use it as a flood to fully put sprinkles or colored sugar inside the cookie cutters, at that point remove every cutter individually.

  • Cookie Cutter as a Napkin Ring:
  • For extraordinary events, make a step up from the paper verity. All things being equal, overlap a material napkin into one-inch areas like an accordion. Slip the collapsed napkin through a cookie-cutter, at that point fan out on one or the other side. Spot one napkin on the plate at each spot setting.

  • Cookie Cutter is a Tea party Sandwich:
  • My mother loves having little casual get-togethers with her granddaughters, and one of their favorite activities is charming sandwiches into fun little shapes. Be that as it may, you could do this with any sandwich! You could even cut cheddar quesadillas into fun shapes! The prospects are interminable.

  • Cookie Cutter as Stained Glass Cookie:
  • This looks like a particularly lovely task and incredible utilization of all various types of cookie cutters. The secret to these works of art is squashed, arranged natural product enhanced hard candies like Life Savers.

  • Cookie Cutter as a Pie Crust Cookie:
  • In the wake of making this pie batter recipe, cut shapes out of what's left, brush a limited quantity of softened butter over the shapes, and sprinkle (generously) with cinnamon and sugar. Bake them for around 8 to 10 minutes close to your pie. I ensure they will all be in your tummy before your pie even emerges from the broiler.

  • Cookie Cutter as TouchDown Brownies:
  • When closely following season moves around this fall, prepare a skillet of brownies and utilize a football-formed cookie cutter to make these fan top choices.

  • Cookie Cutter as Pizza Shape:
  • The probabilities are unending with this meal. Make a little pizza in any shape that you're feelin' by cutting shapes of pre-made batter and garnish it with your favorite meats, veggies, and sauce. In case you're feeling yearning and need to make your own batter, appropriate this

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